Family Pictures

      Mike & Donna Treolo

  TNT Chihuahuas, founded in 1991, is located in Hampstead, North Carolina on the southeastern tip of the state near the beautiful Carolina beaches. Keeping small, we focus on breeding healthy, sound Chihuahuas with excellent temperaments that meet the "Standard." All are raised in a clean, healthy and loving environment.

     Our Chihuahuas are not just our pets, they are our family! We pay close attention to the development of all our Chihuahuas. A great deal of love and hard work is put into our Chihuahuas; and it is very important to us that we find the best of homes for each of them.

     Litters are planned in advance. Pedigrees are researched and studied, and all of our Chihuahuas are evaluated for strenghts and weaknesses. We do everything we can to produce a quality Chihuahua. TnT Chihuahuas has been inspected by the AKC. All our chihuahuas are AKC registered and our chihuahua males have DNA profiles.

     Donna and I both have careers and do not rely on income from our Chihuahuas to sustain us. We strive to provide a quality environment and provide the support they earn and richly deserve. This is our hobby, our joy and our passion. We are rewarded by the many owners who tell us how much joy and happiness their Chihuahuas bring them.

     Thank you for sharing our joy and passion for the Chihuahua Breed.              Mike & Donna Treolo